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Clemens & Twain.

We'll help you find an amazing new name.

about us

Name your future.

Clemens & Twain takes its inspiration from a great American author who was born with one name and became a legend with another. Our company helps people and organizations find inspired names that open up new worlds and express who you've always been.


Our unique diagnostic interprets your personality and style to find your Archenym: one of eight archetypes that correspond to a universe of names. From there, we create an individual formula for your perfect name, hand-selecting a list of top candidates from which you make your final choice.

Our process is personally tailored to every case, but our goal is always the same: to find a name you love that opens the right doors. Whether you're looking for a nom de plume or nom de guerre, a brilliant baby name or game-changing brand name, Clemens & Twain can help you make a transformative choice.


Laurel Sutton

Company and brand naming expert

Linguist and founder of Catchword Branding, helping corporations and brands choose the perfect names for their products and platforms.


Alec Baum

Business director

Former J.P. Morgan Chase banker covering China and Southeast Asia, language enthusiast and amateur polyglot. 

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Who we are.


Clemens & Twain is a visionary naming company

created by the world’s

Number 1 expert. 


We developed an interactive method

to match you or your brand with the perfect name.

Who we help.

We work with adults looking for new names to further their careers, reinvent their lives, or become more fully themselves.


We advise parents

We help expectant parents find the ideal names for their babies or choose alternate names for older children.

We "rename" adults
We name brands

Our corporate naming expert has helped Fortune 500 companies and startups alike find business names that resonate in the US and around the world.

Consumers are overwhelmed with options. Don't let your product's name be a missed opportunity to grab your targets' attention and curiosity.


We name products
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